Pukka Up Boat Party Tuesdays

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About Pukka Up Boat Party Tuesdays

Just because it's Tuesday doesn't mean it's going to be a quiet night on this boat! Pukka Up Boat Party is something you just have to experience to understand! Lots of drinking and partying in the sun to some of the biggest party anthems of summer, so make sure to bring your bikini or swim trunks and get ready for an experience you will never forget!

The pre-party before you get on the boat is 4pm (3pm in Sept) at Rio Bar, be sure to arrive early with your printed ticket. You'll then exchange your ticket for a wristband (do so by 4pm - 5pm in Sept). If you do not redeem your ticket for the wristband you won't be allowed on the boat. The boat leaves at 6pm (5pm in Sept) for a 3 hour party, starting with a FREE COCKTAIL upon arrival!

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