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Sarande - one of Albania's bustling resorts, only an hour away from Corfu by ferry. There's heaps going on and loads to do when you get here. There is a small pebble beach but you wouldn't really class this as a beach resort, there's way too much to discover to be lying on a beach all day. This country has an amazing history and is one of the last few undiscovered resorts in the Mediterranean. The hotels here are quite impressive and there are plenty of bars, restaurants, cafes, shops and its really cheap to eat out and drink. We struggled to spend €50 in one evening without falling over. It's worth a look for a few days. Gets really busy in August, June & September are the best times to visit.

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Is there any party tonight in Laganas?
Yep! All of us will go to Zante Bar and have a lot of fun.
That’s great! Looking forward to it!
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