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Halki lies just a few miles off the west coast of Rhodes and much of the traditional way of life of an island fishing village still continues. It is one of the smaller Dodecanese islands and has some of the cleanest beaches in the whole of Greece, making it ideal for those who enjoy lazy days under the Mediterranean sun.

Halki is a traditional harbour town, supported by UNESCO which has discouraged large modern developments. Holidays to Halki have grown in popularity in recent times because it was chosen as "the island of peace and friendship", a meeting place for young people from all over the world.

Halki holidays are taken in a delightful setting with pretty houses dotted around the picturesque harbour with its mountainous backdrop. The remains of a ruined Crusader castle are perched on a hillside, still guarding the deserted old town. The tiny harbour boasts a few coffee shops, several atmospheric tavernas serving the catch of the day and four shops providing all your daily requirements. There is no bank on the island and no pharmacy. This peaceful island really does offer the chance to 'get away from it all'.

Halki holidays are fabulous for those who want or need a relaxing break on a peaceful island without the hustle and bustle of its neighbouring islands. A holiday to Halki is a perfect opportunity to get away from it all on an island where everything and everyone operates at a nice gentle pace. Accommodations are unsuitable for those with disabilities or walking difficulties.

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