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Club Boats are based in the harbour of Pylos. We offer a number of trips the most popular being the glass bottom boat trips and trips around the bay of Navarino on board the Nautilus Express. For the mores adventurous you can rent your own boat and discover the bay by yourself. There are many places of interest. Our official guided boat trip heads out from Pylos in the morning over to first stop - Pylos Isalnd or Fanari where there is a moment to the French soldiers who lost their lives during the battle of Navarino in the war of independence of Greece in 1827. Stop 2 takes us to the Santa Roza Monument built in 1925 to honour 100 years since the battle of Skafteria (always fighting these Greeks) Stop 3 a quick stop at the Russian Monument and Church 1872 (another battle). Stop 4 takes us to the Straights of Sykia, Paleokastro passing by the old fortress - yes more fighting this time in 425BC between the Athenians and Spartans. Final stop of the day before heading back to Pylos is to take in the Moment of British Soldiers on the isle of Helonki dedicated to the British sailors and offers who died in the battle on the 20th October 1927. The names of all 12 ships involved are also listed.



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