Party Hard Malia Events Package 2018

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With the Party Hard Malia 2018 Ultimate Events Package you get only the best events included, such as the Malia Live Event @ Candy, Go Deep @ Apollo & I Love House @ Zig Zag! Also, not to mention, Europe's best boat party; the Malia Booze Cruise! With all this included you just cannot go wrong with the Malia Events Package!

Your Malia Package will include all of the following;

Malia Booze Cruise (Worth £50)

Full Moon Party (Worth £30)

Malia Pool Party (Worth £20)

Paint Party (Worth £30)

Welcome To The Jungle (Worth £20)

Malia Club Nights (Worth £70)

Party Hard Summer 18 T-shirt (Worth £10)

Discount Wristband (Worth £10)

Party Hard Souvenir Wristband (Worth £5)

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TTA Financial Protection

Save a fortune and get the top events with this unmissable Events Package for Malia 2018!



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Address: Malia, Greece
Phone: 0203 627 4443
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